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Recent Developments

New CCG forum launched

on Friday, April 04, 2014

We have re-launched the CCG forum using an off the shelf forum with far more functionality than we had implemented in the old forum. This one should be here to stay - and hopefully people will participate in solutions focused discussion (collapse and/or transition).

The new forums may be found at New forum

Please note that your login for the CCG site will not work there (and we will be removing this feature soon as it only existed for the original forums). If you want to get content that you wrote on the old forums so you can repost on the new ones please just make contact with us and we will send you the text. Look forward to seeing you in the new forums!

This site dormant but real world active

on Saturday, January 11, 2014

We haven't been updating this site recently, mostly because of resource constraints and a pressing need to do things in reality.

I recently attempted to relocate the vessel underlying the Deus Juvat project and this did not go well, although perhaps not as badly as it might have done given the circumstances. Another attempt is still on the cards.

It is somewhat dis-heartening to see that while many more people are starting to talk about the issues around climate change and the threats to our survival and that of civilisation that very few people seem to be willing to act. We will try to update and develop this site once we have a firm footing in reality - action is more important than words in the end of the day.

There is a bit about the failed relocation of the vessel on the blog relating to Deus Juvat.

A mechanism for abrupt release of methane clathrates from shallow waters

on Friday, July 26, 2013

This is a little speculative on my part.

I noted a commentator pointing out that methane clathrate is buoyant in water (lighter than the water) and would therefore tend to float.

It seems possible to me that this is enough to provide a mechanism for abrupt and large releases without the need to invoke tectonic activity or submarine landslides or other external mechanical rupturing of containment. It should be noted that free methane gas is also trapped with the clathrate - made very clear in the Semiletov/Shakhova paper titled "The Degradation of Submarine Permafrost and the Destruction of Hydrates on the Shelf of East Arctic Seas as a Potential Cause of the "Methane Catastrophe": Some Results of Integrated Studies in 2011".

Therefore the mechanism I suggest could work like this:

  1. Warming and destabilisation of the upper portion of a concentrated large clathrate deposit, accompanied by thawing where containment was done by frozen permafrost.
  2. Methane gas under pressure is able to escape, forcing open migration pathways
  3. The escaping gas erode and enlarges the migration pathways, carrying away sediment (or other mass pinning down the main deposit)
  4. With pinning mass removed, the main portion of the clathrate deposit is free to float up, leaving a large crater on the seabed
  5. Result - large and abrupt release of methane to the atmosphere, without an external event forcing matters (eg submarine landslide or tectonic activity)
I realise there are a few details to increase credibility, that I don't know offhand - for example I don't know how concentrated the clathrate deposits are and to what extend they would have overall buoyancy in large volumes. Still - this would seem to be a route to accelerating release and to getting deeper into the clathrate layer (200m thick in the case of ESAS) than just relying on wind driven mixing and warmer water run off.

Thanks to Professor Peter Wadhams of Cambridge (an Arctic expert, with a long standing and illustrious career specialising in this field) the issue of methane clathrate in the ESAS has recently gained more of the attention it deserves.

Coming soon - a secure communication tool

on Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Following the disclosure of the spying by the US government and the confirmation of our views on government policy being predicated to control the population through adverse times instead of trying to find solutions that will work for everyone (there is a good article at we are preparing to release a secure communications tool to enable the average person to retain their privacy and therefore to assist them in determining their own future.

It is good that this government spying is now in confirmed territory and out of conspiracy theory domain as it proves some very ugly things are going on.

Many people are waiting for governments to act on climate change.

I will ask a few simple questions that you should think about:

  1. When have the socioeconomic elites of the day ever fundamentally cared about the wellbeing of the people they govern?
  2. Why do you expect anything better or different in a world dominated by aggressive and unequivocally destructive short term capitalism?
  3. Who is responsible for you and your children or grandchildren?

Please do not wait for governments to act on these issues. You must act yourself if you want to live - or for your descendants to do so.

European Law - Monsanto must live, you will die if things collapse

on Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Seeds are a critically important requirement for agriculture. It is already harder than it ought to be to obtain heirloom seeds - seeds that will produce plants from which you can easily save your own seed for next year instead of being forced into the clutches of big business to buy new seed every year. Even before this, European legislation discriminated against heirloom seeds in a short-sighted destructive drive to purge a tremendous reserve of seed diversity and breeding experience from the hands of home gardeners and small businesses.

Now this appears to be going one step further.

What does this have to do with you, you might ask? Well, the answer is simply. The more the European Union (and this is not the only part of the world where big business is driving this sort of legislation) legislates against the ability of smaller organisations and individuals to breed and propagate seed - the less food secure you can be in the event of civilisation collapsing. It is bad enough to depend upon the cold corporate monster that is agri-business at the best of times, but if that edifice should crumble and collapse later - what do you expect to eat, supposing you are able to cultivate the land?

Legislation like this should be resisted a lot more aggressively than it is being. It is potentially life and death in the future to lose the ability to retain your own seed.

More news here.