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Deus Juvat
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Deus Juvat

This project has a strategy based on high mobility and is designed to deal with a rapid and violent collapse scenario. It provides for a small group of genetically diverse individuals to be transported around the world as necessary to avoid conflict or to seek key resources. This group would be able to reach remote regions beyond the reach of the majority of people. This project is now moderately advanced - the planning stages were started in late 2007.

A large sailing yacht is the foundation of this strategy, containing all the systems required to operate entirely independently and providing the means to transport both people and resources around the planet. Depending on the precise course of events this vessel could later join up with any other remaining groups who had succeeded to survive and who were in adherence with our mission statement or the vessel would ultimately set down this group in the most suitable remote location it was possible to find to proceed on their own.

While it is clearly not likely to be possible to maintain a modern sailing vessel indefinitely in a collapse scenario, the design ideal would be to have the materials on hand for up to ten years of independent operation (in the absence of truly exceptional circumstances). Substantially constrained financial resources are currently severely limiting both progress here and on the immediate safety of the vessel if it had to be put into service at short notice.

The vessel has already been purchased and is currently undergoing repairs, maintenance and a general refit to make it fit for purpose. At the current rate of progress (limited by money, with most time being consumed by the fact the person working on this is raising the funds entirely alone in difficult circumstances) it is expected that the vessel will be ready by late 2013 or early 2014. It could potentially be pressed into service in a very dangerous and uncomfortable configuration up to a year earlier than this.

Due to the physical and mental demands of this lifestyle, participants would need to be young, healthy and reasonably physically fit. They would also need a clear idea as to precisely what they were contributing to the project. The limited number of people that can be transported means the composition of this group of people has certain constraints placed upon it that may tend to exclude the majority from participation.