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Supporting AMEG

There are very few "respectable" groups out there that acknowledge the severity and immediacy of the problems posed by abrupt climate change, and even less that recognise the implications of the rapidly dwindling options for solutions to these problems. in fact, I believe the Arctic Methane Emergency Group (AMEG) may be unique in this respect. It is therefore our policy to be generally supportive towards AMEG as they represent the last best chance (however remote) of preserving modern civilisation and the bulk of human lives that are being lived today. It is ethically distasteful to entirely write off the bulk of humanity while a chance (however slim) may remain, while recognising from a practical standpoint the requirement to have a contingency plan capable of dealing with the worst case scenarios and the impossibility of helping larger numbers of people with limited resources and influence.

AMEG have presented twice[1][2] to the United Kingdom government on these matters, as well as a range of other organisations.

There is no sign that government is going to take these problems seriously and therefore the responsibility lies with the people to force them to. Contact details for AMEG may be found on their website.